The Yin and Yang of the Schumann Resonance

I was watching a recent David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings episode on GaiamTv called Magnetic Resonance Technology, and was inspired to create a better Schumann Resonance audio file. David Wilcock said that for a Schumann resonance generator to be effective, it needed both the 7.83 Hz signal as well as the even lower frequency that comes from earth itself, about 0.5 Hz.

Here is a graph of the waveform I created that has both a sine wave 7.83 Hz signal, as well as a sine wave 0.5 Hz signal.


Description Link
MP3 Lossy (.mp3) Download (3.1Mb)
Apple Lossless ALAC (.m4a) Download (6.1Mb)
Free Lossless FLAC (.flac) Download (5.3Mb)

If you would like to create your own frequency files with 2 different signals inside, like the audio files above, here is how you do it. Using the Create a Frequency Set tool, I created a 200 second long Sine wave 7.83 Hz audio file. Then I created a 200 second long Sine wave 0.5 Hz audio file.

I then imported each of these audio files into 2 different tracks on Audacity. In Audacity I decreased the volume of each track by 50% (-0.6 db), selected all tracks and then mixed the tracks using the “Mix and Render” menu command.

Alternatively, to mix the two separate signal you could use sox command line tool with the following command:

sox -m 7.83Hz.flac 0.5Hz.flac Mixed.flac