My name is Prana, and welcome to the Do It Yourself blog for making a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device. These devices can relax the body, relieve pain, improve sleep, improve circulation and cellular metabolism, however I am making no claims as I am not selling anything. I offer the ideas and the data files here freely, but if you do find that you are getting value from the device you build from these instructions, please feel free donate via the Donate button on the sidebar, which I will most gratefully accept to help pay the costs of this blog.

I was first exposed to PEMF devices via a friend, and a few months ago, I was having difficulty sleeping though the entire night. I found a PEMF device that was in my price range (some of these devices from $3000 USD to $5000 USD or more), and I was very pleased with the results. I found I could sleep throughout the entire night, even if I awoke to use the bathroom, and that the device was pleasing to use even if I were reading a book or watching a movie. One night in my meditation I realized I could make such a device very inexpensively, which might not have all the features of the device I bought, but still could offer the main benefit of the device.

I did a bunch of trial and errors with various electromagnetic coils and solenoids and amplification techniques, and found a very simple solution with an off the shelf electromagnet that worked without any amplification. The first post of this blog offers the simplest solution from my experimentation and experience.

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  1. Hi Prana,
    Super interesting site! I am a rank amateur with my experience in electronics limited to pretty much using the on/off switch and volume adjustments… 🙂 But learning is half the fun, right?
    Would you mind sharing what device you were using that inspired you to build this site?
    Thanks in advance and, either way, thanks for sharing all this.

    • Hi Steph,
      I got started in PEMF using the EarthPulse device, which really helped me get to sleep. I was meditating one day and it came to me how to make my own PEMF device for much less cost.

  2. Hello Prana. I’ve tried out your design using an mp3 Player with the Lilly sleep files and have had good success in reducing my wife’s lifelong battle with insomnia.

    Unfortunately, my wife sleeps on two pillows, so the output is not quite enough. I’m trying to find a way to include a simple amplifier to allow greater levels and better control of the output. I tested all my connections using a simple amplifier from Amazon and while it works with speakers, when I connect the coils, it literally shuts down the amplifier.

    Have you tried anything along these lines and know of any solutions?

    • It may be that there is not enough resistance in your coil, and the amplifier is viewing your coil as a short circuit. You might try adding a small resistor in series (say like 50 ohm or less). I’ve hooked up the coils to a stereo amplifier without issue.

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