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Some diypemf users have requested (and some have built their own) solfeggio frequencies and the solfeggio tones. I can’t attest the effectiveness of these frequencies, though 528Hz is universally known as the DNA/Love frequency.

The solfeggio frequencies include the following six frequencies:

Liberating Guilt and Fear 396 Hz
Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change 417 Hz
Transformation and Miracles 528 Hz
Connecting/Relationships 639 Hz
Expression/Solutions 741 Hz
Returning to Spiritual Order 852 Hz

The solfeggio tones include fourteen frequencies:

Blood Circulation 337 Hz
Endocrine Function 537 Hz
Kidney Function 625 Hz
Pituitary Function 635 Hz
HGH Production 645 Hz
Pancreas Function 654 Hz
Pineal Gland 662 Hz
Heart Function 696 Hz
Liver Function 751 Hz
Thyroid Function 763 Hz
Nervous System Function 764 Hz
Immune System Function 835 Hz
Adrenal Function 1335 Hz
Spiritual Well Being 1565 Hz

Description MP3 (.mp3) ALAC (.m4a) FLAC (.flac)
Solfeggio Frequencies Pulse Download
Solfeggio Frequencies Lilly Download
Solfeggio Tones Pulse Download
Solfeggio Tones Lilly Download

15 thoughts on “All Things Solfeggio

  1. Hi, Prana, I hope you can clear up some problems that I have with all this.
    Your comprehension of physics is way beyond mine, and I find your knowledge and experience very impressive.
    However, I can’t make a lot of sense from some of the things you post.

    I’m surprised that we are advised not to use the coils on the head – I would have thought that this would be very beneficial to Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.
    100 milligauss is less than one-sixth of the maximum intensity of the Earth’s field surface measurement, ie, only 0.65 Gauss.

    That’s like saying you shouldn’t lie down on a lawn, because there’s too much radiation.

    Also, some of the $3,000 devices have mattresses that you can (supposedly) safely lie on – but the output of the expensive devices is typically in excess of 1 Tesla. As you are well aware, 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss.

    So, on that scale, 100 milligauss is indeed a tiny amplitude, less than one-sixth’s of the Earth’s surface maximum.
    My guess is that 100 milligauss will penetrate soft tissue at around a depth of only 1 millimetre.

    Also, you don’t seem to stress that the output will depend on the output of the mp3 player, which will vary from model to model.

    Please clarify these issues for the benefit of all.

    If my post seems a little critical or challenging, I unreservedly apologise.

    It seems to me that your page is an extremely useful one for us all to learn things from, and I sincerely thank you for taking all the time and effort to share what you believe will be of great use to us all.

    My own experiments, although hardly scientific, seem to show that there is indeed an appreciable effect from your DIYPEMF system, but I had to use a computer headphone output for the coils, because the iPod couldn’t/wouldn’t find the mp3 files, bah.

    If I find out anything useful, I’ll post it here.

    Thanks for all the good work 🙂

    • Hi Baato,

      Yes, the strength of the coils is not very strong. Yet there have been some sensitive users I know for whom the DIYPEMF was too strong, and either the coils needed to be moved further away or the volume needed to be decreased. The coil manufacturer is the one that recommends NOT using the coils near the head, but I disregarded that recommendation and I find it works well to use the coils under my pillow when I sleep. I want people to make an educated decision when they choose to use these coils near their heads.

      The more powerful PEMF devices will often have usage times like 15 minutes to 30 minutes. For sleeping, a PEMF device needs to be gentle enough to last 8 hours. For me, the DIYPEMF solution is gentle enough, but this may not be true for all users.

      Baato, did you use iTunes to move the mp3 files to your iPod? If you have an older iPod, it may be that these MP3 files have too high bit rate for the older iPods classics (I don’t know, as I have a 3rd gen iPod touch). Also, try the ALAC files on the iPod, as these files are lossless.

    • I’ve had my coil for 6 months now, and I use it every day for sleep and if I take a long drive. For sleeping, it could be 7 to 9 hours, and if I take a drive, it could be for 3 to 5 hours.

  2. Great Post. I have been using the Diypemf at night with the delta file and measured it with the Tri Field meter and looking forward to success. I am now trying to look into experimenting and using it for severe pain in certain areas. I was hoping to get your advice on a few things. Firstly I need a meter that will measure high levels (up to 200 gauss if that exists), do you know of an affordable model. Do you know what frequency file (like they use on the Aleve) is the best for pain or nerve/body healing, as I’m aiming to heal not just cover the pain for short periods (even though that would be great). Even though I want to target the lower limbs and buttocks with high gauss levels I believe the pain is originating from a change in the brain so I also want to target that with the lower levels (<0.5 milligauss) under the pillow so was wondering if you had any opinion on the best file. Do you always like to keep levels below 0.5 when near the brain?

    Im interested in experimenting and seeing what high outputs i can get like the alleve, if this won't be possible I will end up just purchasing Aleve for the painful limbs and continue the diypemf for the lower power goals. Thx again for your help and providing great information.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with the diypemf device. I don’t have any tips for a more powerful gauss meter than the Magcheck. If you do get one, find one that will work on an alternating current magnetic field, rather than just a static magnetic field, as the PEMF devices are non static.

      For pain, I like the low frequencies like Schumann resonance (7.83) or the earth resonance 9.6. For healing nerve damage, I’ve had good success treating friends with Spooky2 and the Spooky Remote using the Nerve Healing, Nerve Healing 2, Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage sets found in the Spooky2 database. Here are the frequencies:

      Nerve Healing: 2, 657, 5000, 10000
      Nerve Healing 2: 7.63, 10, 200
      Stimulate Repair Nerve Damage: 2, 578, 657, 764, 5000, 10000

      Some of these frequencies are too high to be used on the diypemf solution, because over 4800 Hz the audio files lose their resolution. With Spooky2 and the Spooky Remote, you can set up a treatment and go about your business, you are not tied down to the Spooky device.

      If you do get a Spooky2 setup, you can adapt the Alleva-wave/Soma Pulse coils to the Spooky2 XM generator (you need to wire up a BNC to 3.5 mm audio jack), and get a much more powerful magnetic field (probably in the several hundred gauss).

      As for using the diypemf near the brain at higher strengths, I can tolerate higher for a period of time, but after a while it gets intense for me, that is, I don’t like the way it feels to me. You need to experiment on yourself and see what feels good, and if there are any side effects (loss of balance or dizziness when standing or other symptoms). Some people can tolerate more, some people less. Sorry I don’t have a definitive answer for you on this.

  3. Great Post. I have been using the Diypemf at night with the delta file and measured it with the Tri Field meter (to get around 0.5 milligauss) and hoping for some success. I am now trying to look into experimenting and using it for severe pain in certain areas. I was hoping to get your advice on a few things.

    Firstly I need a meter that will measure high levels (up to 200 gauss if that exists). I read in your article that the magcheck goes up to 50 gauss. Can you suggest an affordable model? Do you know what frequency file (like they use on the Aleve) is the best for pain or nerve/body healing, as I’m aiming to heal not just cover the pain for short periods (even though that would be great).

    Also as I believe the pain is actually originating from the brain and spinal cord I would like to use it on the brain at the lower levels <0.5, can you reccomend a file focused on brain healing or regeneration.

    If I can reach high gauss output with some experimentation GREAT if not than I will probably be forced to purchase the aleve for the lower region and continue the diypemf for the total healing /sleep etc. Just wondering what your max level you would use near the brain or what you have read about it?

    • Paul, I’m sorry you had to type your comments in twice. My blog doesn’t automatically post comments until I get a chance to look at them. I’ve answered most of you points above to the best of my ability on the previous comment.

      One thing you might want to try with the diypemf if to put one of the coils under the pillow, and the other coil under your sacrum, to treat both areas at the same time.

  4. I was wondering if you could recommend or guide how to build a ‘sleep program’ that used the four brain frequencies (alpha, beta, delta, theta)? So for instance an 8 hour program to bring the user into a gentle/relaxing sleep, then into deep sleep, then out of the deep sleep then to an awakened state. Most/all the recordings are one minute or so, and my mp3 player does the repeat and I can set it to repeat either a song or a playlist. So a playlist seems like the right way.

    • Using the Create Rife Frequency Set tool described in The Rife Frequencies page, create 5 different sound files. After you’ve created the 5 sound files with the parameters given below, put them into a playlist.

      The setting common to all 5 sound files are:

      Wave Form: Lilly
      Audio Format: your choice
      Dwell: 180
      Album Name: Sleep program
      Track Name: your choice

      Then for each of the 5 files, use the following frequencies:

      Track Number: 1

      Track Number: 2

      Frequencies: 4-0.5=900
      Track Number: 3

      Frequencies: 0.5=22500
      Track Number: 4

      Frequencies: 0.5-20=1800
      Track Number: 5

  5. Hi.
    Sorry for my English, i’m italian.
    I know that you use your Diypemf at night for better sleep.
    I have some insomnia problems.
    I fall asleep with no problems at 10.30 p.m., but I wake up at 3.00 every night.

    I’ve two Ipod, one Ipod Video and one Ipod nano, both with the feature to repeat the single song.
    So I’d like to give the Diypemf a try.

    Did you have similar problems in the past or did you have problems to fall asleep?
    Has Diypemf helped your sleep or?
    Has it worked with others you know of for sleep problems?

    • I had exactly the same problem with waking up in the middle of the night. Using the diypemf, I can sleep through the entire night. I use the Delta wave program in the Brain Wave Series. So yes, diypemf is helping my sleep. And it has worked for others too with regards to getting asleep and staying asleep.

  6. Hi.

    I suffer from insomnia.
    I usually go to bed at 10.30 p.m. and fall asleep in minutes.
    No problem there.

    But I normally wake up at 3.00/3.30 a.m.
    I know you’ve used Diypemf to sleep better.
    I’m going to give Diypemf a try.
    I have an Ipod Video and an Ipod Nano so i’ve just to buy the Alleva-Wave Replacement coils.

    I have some questions…

    1) Have you had similar sleeping problems or do you know anyone with this problem?

    2) Have Diypemf worked for you?

    3) Which distance do you suggest between the two coils (under the pillow)?

    4) In your opinion would it be better try with Delta waves to help a sleeping problem like this?

    Thank you so much.

    Marco (from Italy)

    • Hi Marco,

      I answered question 1 & 2 in your previous comment.

      3) I don’t think it matters much. I put them typically 8 inches apart under my pillow, with the smooth side of the coils facing my head, and such that when I lie my head on the pillow, it will be between the two coils.

      4) Yes, I use and prefer Delta waves.

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