New PEMF Users Cautions

Before you actively use your PEMF device, you ought to first look at some of the contraindications. People who should not use PEMF include pregnant women and people with pacemakers. For a full list of contraindications, see Dr Pawluk’s PEMF Contraindications.

And a gentle reminder: I make no claims about PEMF may do for you. Many people have found PEMF useful for them, though PEMF does not work for everyone. Some people are too sensitive to use PEMF, those who are adversely affected by electrosmog and have extreme EMF sensitivities. On the other hand, low frequencies like the Schumann resonance enhance some people’s health because electrosmog pollution makes the earth’s natural frequencies unavailable to most people who spend a lot of time indoors.

The makers of the electromagnetic coils warn people not to use the coils on the head. When the coil is directly against your skin, you are getting over 100 milligauss or more of magnetic energy entering your body. The maximum strength of magnetic field that is safe for long term exposure varies from different standards agencies. Some say 10-20 milligauss is too high, others say 3 milligauss. For myself, when I sleep, I like 0.5 milligauss or less. This means my head has a pillow between it and the coils. But I have had a lot of time to build up to this, for a beginner this may be too much. If you are using the PEMF for sleep enhancement, and you are feeling agitated by the coils, either turn down the volume on your music player or place the coils further away from your head. It may be that for some sensitive people, they need to place the coils under their mattress. The frequencies I use for sleep is the Delta Wave frequencies found in the Brain Waves series.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent information and references. It is always amazing what we discover when we keep looking!! I have a fancy PEMF device (imrs 2000) and find myself working backwards, trying to create a smaller, less expensive device to share with friends and family. When I your instructions for DIY pemf, I was grateful to find the reference to where to order the coils (I am waiting for two sets). I have been attempting to use sound frequencies to heal (and not changing them into electromagnetic frequencies). That being said, I have also purchased some adaptors for the iphone from Quantum Life App company and have been using them with an app that may be really helpful to you and your readers. I have been using the HerbaFreq app which already has all the frequencies (Rife type and lots more) already preprogrammed and you can play them sequentially, or you can play them all at once. I have checked with another app that measures sound frequencies and they are the frequencies listed as far as I can tell. The problem I have had in the past is I have used an old pair of headphones originally to present the frequencies to the body. It was irritating as the sounds, especially with playing all of the frequencies at once, is aversive. I used it for a while like that. Then got the adaptors from quantum life and used them for a while. Now I will also try the ones you ha recommended but will simply plug them into my iphone and use the free app (HerbaFreq). Does that make sense??? So excited to read about what you are doing. Thanks for sharing……

    • Hi healerfreq,

      HerbaFreq looks like a nice program and its free! Yes, using the Alleva Wave coils will be much nicer than hearing the pure frequencies over headphones. Silence is wonderful!

  2. Hi. In regards to the replacement magnets. How long do they typically last and how can you measure when they are not (I think it’s mentioned here somewhere). And what coil size is recommended (10, 20 or 40 inch) and what does the different lengths do in regards to treatment (I’m very new to the science part here). Thankyou and a great website. Can’t wait to build my own pemf.

    • I don’t know the answer to how long these coils will last. They are marketed as needing periodic replacement. I have had my coils for 5 month now, and they still seem to be working for me. I think that if you never put any stress on the plug or the wires, they ought to last for years. The biggest risk for the coils is physical damage from pulling the plug out by handling the wire instead of the plug, or somehow damaging the wire or coils by getting them caught on something and putting physical stress on the coils.

      To test whether the coil is working, place the PEMF device on a very slow frequency, the Delta Wave in the Brain Wave Series. Then place a compass near the coils, and see if the needle gets deflected by the pulse. If you choose a higher frequency, the magnetic strength is not high enough to deflect the compass needle.

      I choose the 47 inch wire length for myself, because I like to use the diypemf device while I am sleeping, and I prefer to keep my iPod as far away from my body as I can. For others, this is too long, because they would like to wear the device, so a shorter length will work better for them. You need to figure out how you are going to use the coils, and that ought to help you decide on a wire length.

  3. Hello Prana.
    Hi, my name is José and I just bought a used earth pulse to try to see the benefits of PEMFs. After reading a lot of sites in the internet, I read at the bulletproofexecutive blog about your website, do it your self pemf. First thing that I want to tell you, is thanks for the information that you have shared for free, if your instructions work, you will have saved me a lot of money!
    After reading other websites where you wrote, I just bought the soma pulse coils at ebay to see if your instructions work. I hope they do, because I was planning to buy the expensive somapulse version!!! If they work, I will save a lot of money, thanks if this is case!
    I have a lot of questions, I hope you can answer them.
    1. Is the do it yourself pemf as effective as the earthpulse?
    2. Is the do it your self pemf as effective as the somapulse or alleva wave?
    3. What mp3 file would I need to use to have the exact pulsed magnetic frequencies as the alleva wave?
    4. What mp3 player would you recommend me to buy at amazon or ebay, one that is powerful enough and small enough?
    5. Why does the mp3 file or any sound file played at the pemf coil generate the same effect as the some pulse machine?
    6. I found this website,, where this guy sells for 10 dollars the plan to build a lot of electric machines. Is your pemf as effective as the physical machines that he builds?
    7. Is there a difference between magnetic pulsing and pemf?
    8. If your instructions work, Would I still need to buy the soma pulse?
    9. Do you have testimonials of people that have used your pemf that say that it works?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Hi José,

      1. The diypemf is not as effective as the Earthpulse in every regard. For sleep enhancement, I find it works as well as the Earthpulse for getting to sleep. But Earthpulse has an excellent sleep program, and slowing brings you from Beta state to Delta state, and keeps you there until 30 minutes before waking up, then brings you back to Beta state. The diypemf cannot do this. Also, for local healing, the Earthpulse can generate 300 gauss, the diypemf can only generate something more than 100 milligauss.

      2. I don’t have the Somapulse or the Alleva-wave, so I cannot make a comparison.

      For PEMF device that use a positive/negative offset waveform, whether it be square, triangle, sine, etc, diypemf will do as well as a hardware solution.

      But for the PEMF devices that offer positive offset only waveforms, diypemf is not as good as a pure hardware solution, because the audio hardware in an MP3 player forces the waveform to be balanced between the positive and negative offset. So the pulse wave will have a slight negative offset in the low state of the wave. This means that the pulse will not only be a north pole magnetism, but will have both north and south poles coming out of one side of the coil. I will be writing a post on this soon.

      Also, make sure to buy a good power supply, not a cheap $5 one from China, unless you have an oscilloscope and can measure the output of the power supply to make sure no AC power is leaking into the DC current. The Apple 5V USB adapter is excellent, as are others, but I can’t tell you which other ones have a clean signal.

      3. The Somapulse produced a 5Hz and 100Hz wave. You can create your own custom wave file, see this post: Create a Custom Frequency

      4. If you don’t have an MP3 player, I would recommend getting a Sansa Clip+. Brand new, its $40, but sometimes you can get factory refurbished ones for $25 (I found one that was a 2Gb version, $18 refurbished). Be sure to buy a good power supply for it. The Sansa MP3 players can play FLAC files, which I recommend you use for this player.

      5. PEMF machines generate wave forms, and this is exactly what audio is, wave forms. If you load up one of the audio file into a sound editor, you will see the waveform. Again, a hardware solution will do better with a positive offset only wave as compared to the diypemf.

      6. Those machines have a different function that the low power low frequency PEMFs. The Magnetic Multi-Pulser delivers 10,000 gauss (this was designed to kill bacteria), where as the diypemf delivers about 100 milligauss (diypemf is more for sleep, relaxation, and improved circulation). However, the diypemf can generate multiple frequencies with great accuracy, while those project will typically deliver just one frequency.

      7. Magnetic pulsing, the the Beck magnetic pulser or the Sota pulser, is designed to deliver high magnetic strength at very low frequencies, to kill bacteria. This is a different goal than the diypemf.

      8. That is up to you. If your needs are being met, then no. But if you decide to get the soma pulse, you will have an spare pair of coils. Also, the diypemf solution is cheap, so it might be better for carrying it around to place where you might lose or destroy the device. The Somapulse retails for $1290.

      9. If you check the BPE forum, Seth said diypemf was his favorite hack. I have good experience with it, as have others, but I don’t have any testimonials saved. Please use your intuition and inner guidance to make this decision for yourself as to whether to buy this solution or not. I am not a sales person, and I don’t make any money should you choose to go with diypemf. Also, when using this product, listen to your body to see if you are using the PEMF too much or not. I have some posts that tell how you can reduce potential agitation (rather than relaxation).

  4. Hello Prana.

    Thanks a lot for your detailed answers! You are very knowledgeable.

    Soon I will try the diypemf and I will let you know my results.



  5. Prana, I’ve ordered the 47″ cord length coils. Been a chronic insomniac for 8 years. Have lowered EMF’s in my home and made a home-ade earthing MAT from window screening for sleeping. Latter has helped up my sleep to 4-5 hours total each night along with cortisol reduction via “Sleepy dust” =salt/sugar etc. before bed. I’m hoping the PEMF used with my phone will help additionally. Gonna use my Smartphone Airplane mode as my player. Am eagerly awaiting the coils Friday. I tried audio Bin-aural beats and Isochronic Tones for sleep but they did not work for me. There is an entrainment phase sometimes=days for latter. Is there also an entrainment phase for this as well as it is based on the same principal?

    Thanks for such an awesome site and resource!


    • My first experience with PEMF was with the Earthpulse device, and they said that it may take some time (like weeks) before your body gets used to the frequencies and can relax and fall asleep. For me, it worked right away. So when I made my first diypemf device, it too worked right away for me. It may take some time for your body to adjust to the frequencies.

  6. Greetings! I’ve been entertaining the idea of amplifying the analog audio in order to help greater potentiate the field strength. I noticed that the SomaPulse has a 200 gauss max intensity whereas diypemf is 100 milligauss. Although I haven’t tried both for comparison, I’m curious to maximize the potential of the diypemf system to similar specs when compared to the Somapulse. Particularly, I think this MAY be possible by using an inline portable 3.5mm amplifier, such as this one:

    I’m an ignoramus when it comes to electromagnetism and analog audio, so please forgive me if my suggestion is obtuse. Do you have any thoughts on this Master Prana Deva?

    • I’ve done more measuring on the diypemf output, and it may be much more powerful than 100 milligauss. I got the reading of 100 milligauss when I was using low frequency waveforms, like the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz or 10 Hz. However, the frequency response accuracy at 10Hz or less is very inaccurate for my TriField meter. It starts to get good at 50 Hz. So when I measure its strength at 528 Hz, it is 100 milligauss at 4 to 5 inches away from the coils. This means it could be as high as 20 to 30 gauss at the coils themselves. I have ordered a new probe that will measure up to 50 gauss, so I will have a more accurate strength measurement in the near future. Once I get my new measurement tool, I will update all the measurement readings in the blog.

      With a small headphone amplifier, you may be able to increase the magnetic strength 10 times or better. But you need to look at the amplifier’s frequency response curve, because at sub sonic frequencies, the amplification may not be that high. So if you are using the diypemf for sleep enhancement, an amplifier may not offer a lot of extra strength. But at higher frequencies, you will definitely get more strength.

  7. Does the frequency of the magnetic field matter for accurate measurement of the magnetic field? The link to the Gauss Master shows that it can only read magnetic field with a frequency of 50-60Hz. Also, is it difficult to measure the field with a single axis gauss meter?

    • Yes, the frequency does matter, as the pickup coil in the Gauss Master has a frequency response curve. Here is an example of a frequency response curve for the Magcheck 95 probe:
      Magcheck 95 Frequency Response Curve

      In this chart, the flat part of the curve starts at 50Hz. At 25Hz, there is a 20% error in the measurement.

      Using a single axis gauss meter is more difficult to use than a 3 axis gauss meter. This is because you have to change the orientation of either the meter or the coil being measured to find the orientation with the maximum magnetic strength.

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