Testing Your Coils

Several people have asked how to test the Alleva-Wave/Somapulse coils. I’ve given one way to test the coils in the post: Using your PEMF device, and another technique in a comment. I would like to expand on those techniques and to put the testing procedures in a single place.

Using a Gauss Meter

If you have a gauss meter, like the Gauss Master or the TriField meter, download the following zip file and place the appropriate audio file onto your music player:

Description Link
Gauss Meter Test Download (169Kb)

This audio files contain a one minute long 60 Hz square wave that can be detected by most gauss meters. If you use some of the other frequencies downloaded from this website, the frequency may be too low to be detected by the meter. For example, the Gauss Master’s lowest frequency it can detect accurately is 40 Hz. Play the Gauss Meter Test file, set your player volume to full, and then using your gauss meter to check the coils. Given that a working set of coils ought to have between 100 – 300 milligauss strength, your meter can easily determine whether your coils are working or not.

Using a Multimeter

If you have a multimeter, you can test the integrity of the coil. The following is a diagram of the Alleva-Wave/Somapulse plug found on the coils:



With a multimeter, which can be purchased for under $10 at Harbor Freight Tools, test the resistance between the RING and the SLEEVE. The resistance ought be be somewhere around 2 ohms. If the resistance is zero ohm, you have a short in your coils, and the coils are bad. If the resistance is infinity, you have a break in your coils, and the coils are bad.

The resistance between the TIP and the SLEEVE, as well as the resistance between the TIP and the RING, ought to be infinity.

Using a Compass

If you have a compass, you can also test your coils. Start by downloading the following zip file and place the appropriate audio file onto your music player:

Description Link
Magnet Test Download (87Kb)

Plug the coils into the player, and play the Magnet Test audio file. Hold one of the coils perpendicular to the compass near the compass needle. The compass needle ought to deflect a little.




48 thoughts on “Testing Your Coils

  1. Actually, you should hold the coil parallel to the compass needle to get it to deflect the most as this would produce a magnetic field 90 degrees away from the Earth’s magnetic field. This is proven by theory (the right hand rule of electromagnetism) and by actual testing by me.

    • Yes, thank you, this makes sense to me. I will update the page and put up a picture that will show how to get the maximum deflection using your suggestion.

      • Hi Prana. Thanks for amazing website and support. I have a question. I want to know is it possible to make a machine or device that have the power of 2000 gauss and 50 hz? I hope to hear from you soon.

        • Hi Rufus,

          Yes, it is possible to make such a machine, but it is beyond the scope of this blog to describe how to make this. You could use the diypemf solution if you had a powerful enough amplifier, and a large electromagnet hooked to the output of the amplifier. Or if you know someone who is good at electronics, you could make a high speed switch, with perhaps a standard frequency generator as the input the the high speed switch. Of if you live where there is 50 Hz AC power, you may be able to hook up a large eletromagnet to your power lines (make sure things are insulated if you want to experiment here, this could be very dangerous).

  2. Hello Prana, I have a question pertaining to making a DIY PEMF mat….perhaps nine Alleva coils could be affixed to a standard foam mat? I remember Dr. Pawluk recommending the full-body mat for diabetes (and perhaps other conditions). What do you think? Is there a better way? Thanks for your good work here.

    • Earl, to using multiple coils in a mat, I think an amplifier would be necessary to drive more current through the multiple coils. One experiment I’ve been meaning to try it to hook up the MP3 player to an old electric blanket. I have an old one, and I’ve looked at it. There is some electronics where the power cord hooks into the blanket, which I would remove. I’ll have to test the resistance to make sure there is some resistance, as to not short out the MP3 player.

  3. Hi Prana…

    I am looking for someone like you to hire to make me a PEMF device…Someone that knows what they are doing….that can make a simple, safe reliable device…My cell phone is 619 890 9996. I am committed to creating optimal heath. my email is template22@hotmail.com Richard

    • Hi Richard. Have you tried making the diypemf device? It’s pretty easy. I am not available to make a device for anyone right now, but thanks for the offer and the kind words.

    • This could work. In fact, given that the Aleva-Wave coils are mono, you could actually drive 8 sets of coils, but you would have to make a custom adapter that connected each channel (stereo has 2 channels) to the live wires in the coils. Look at the instructions for “Using A Multimeter” in the the “Testing Your Coils” post for the which parts of the plug are live for the coils. The adapter would have to have a 3.5mm stereo male plug on one end, and two cables coming out from the plug, each into a 3.5mm female jack. The sleeve from the plug would connect to the sleeve in the 2 jacks. The tip of the plug connects to the ring of one jack, while the ring of the plug connects to the ring of the other jacks.

  4. Hello Prana,

    I just received my coils and proceeded to make sure they worked. I’ve got a few Kyocera phones I picked up to use as audio book/podcast players (they work perfectly) and proceeded to transfer over a few .flac files that I wanted to work with. I choose delta-sleep-lilly & delta. Sadly, the delta-sleep-lilly would not transfer over. I keep getting a error (I downloaded a second time – same issue). The delta.flac & the Magnet Test made it over. I played both files and could hear the clicks. I grabbed my compass and followed the instructions. Unfortunately there was zero movement detected no matter what position or orientation the coils were placed. I connected it directly to my computer and cranked up the volume and still got no compass movement whatsoever. I then pulled my multimeter and found the coils were fine. Is there anything else I can do to make sure I’m getting a field output? Is buying a field meter the only way at this point?

    • Bill, see the comment above by “abikerider”. He is correct, in that holding the face of the coil parallel to the needle, (as opposed to my picture and instruction being perpendicular) will generate a better deflecting magnetic field.

      If your coils test OK with a multimeter, and you can hear the audio when played out of earphones, then I think everything is probably working. You get get the TriField meter or the GaussMaster, or you could just try the coils + MP3 player and see if they relax you.

      The delta-sleep-lilly is a large file and may take a few tries to download. You could alternatively just use the Delta Wave file found in the Brain Waves series.

  5. Hello Prana Deva,
    Greatly appreciate all the info you provide. I bought a Micro-Pulse device and I believe it’s similar to the Aleva. Do you think it would work for better sleep, or is the power too high (22,500 micro tesla) & the frequencies (10, 100) not right? If you think it may help sleep, should I place it under bed?

    • Hi Hal,

      The power is a bit high (22,500 uT is 225 Gauss), but you could lessen the intensity by placing the coils further away from your head, like under your mattress. The lower frequency, 10Hz, places it in the Alpha brainwave state, which is a relaxed by awakened state. Ideally you want to have the frequencies in the Delta wave range, 0.5-3.9hz. So it might relax you some, but perhaps not put you to sleep. Did you get the brand new ICES at $429? That’s a great price for being able to heal inflammation and enhance tissue repair.

  6. Hello Prana…FIRST and above all…THANK YOU for posting these resources.

    However I am a bit confused, inasmuch as aside from downloading the pre recorded tones (Are they similar to Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones?) I do not see any real “means” here, through which to produce any sort of device to assemble or the means of utilizing modifications of commonly had devices for the intended purpose. Can you please direct me to what I am missing? After all it is a pretty simple site/page, and appears there are only earlier or more recent articles to be found from this page…and sincerely pray I won’t have been misled by the link that brought me here, let alone that which came as follows…

    Especially since last year’s viewing of a year older still video interview and a couple of lengthy lectures by Dr. G/ Patrick Flanagan, where he mentioned that he had “in the works” through a partnership, the means to produce his NEO’s to retail around $99, and when I finally found out they have been released, I all but fell out of my chair for the $699-$799 price tags, at places like Amazon, and truth be told, I can’t help but feel he had been “gotten to” and this is the result of preying on his deep seated fears after his recall of his previous experiences,that caused him not to reveal (beyond his mother) his memory of his previous existence as Nikola Tesla until he was almost 60 years old, and this no longer seems like he is still the devout humanitarian he had previously appeared and was reputed as being for the majority of BOTH of those lives. Although I can understand the psychology that might motivate such a choice of path having been stung so badly and being forced to accept the “care” of benefactors for his senior years, who can blame him for wishing to secure his retirement this time around, but still, this tends to undermine, in my mind, the true intentions of this device’s “now primary” purpose, even though it was designed for different intentions originally!

    This is scary even, for being aware of how difficult it will be for anyone without such resources to ward off what has been hitting us for the longest time, not to mention what is coming, and even those AWARE will still have difficulty avoiding the impacts, without mass distributions, the majority will still be overtaken by “programming” and now “they” are smart enough to include extensive triggers to kick in to extreme defensive postures toward anyone contradicting their programming, making trying to arouse and protect loved ones more of a challenge than ever, and although he mentioned this in a couple of interviews, this will override the 100th monkey syndrome and leave but a small minority to be aware and watch everything spiral around the drain as this planet and everything on it meets its sheer and utter destruction, that can only happen and WILL, because it was what EACH had chosen by their choices, and free will, and that is the only way any of us can truly be destroyed, is through out own doing, and this is what is being chosen, albeit unknowingly but that is ONLY due to people’s REFUSAL to SEE what their choices are resulting in, and NOT because they were deceived.

    I;m sorry for the long winded fearful diatribe, but I felt that if I put it out there more people might recognize what their choices are resulting in, as well as maybe motivating others to engineer devices that can be had by ALL and not JUST the same privileged sectors, while the peasant become poorer with each passing month (or week?) making any possibility of protection from the ultrasonic onslaught impossible for even those aware enough to want one, let alone getting the urgent message to the rest who are too distracted by their harmful devices they are programmed to believe they would die without, when it is the opposite that it true!

    Thanks so much for direction to any resources you can provide, they will be most appreciated, and with any luck will be within my means and skills to procure/build one for myself, and possibly develop a simpler means of producing them for others in need!

    Peace, Love, and Light,

    • The way you would use these frequencies on this website is described in the very first post of this blog (http://www.diypemf.com/a-simple-pemf-device/). You need to play these frequency files through a set of coils.

      The new neurophone NEO was intended to sell at $99, but the current price is somewhere between $399 and $444, which is about half of the previous Neurophone NF3. Perhaps a future version of the Neurophone can hit the $99 target. I agree that getting this technology to the masses would benefit many.

  7. Hi,
    Am I doing something wrong but when I try several frequencies or interval it says error, for instance Frequency is an invalid number 23-27.
    Otherwise a really great thing you have built.

    • Hi Gustaf,
      The “Create A Custom Frequency” post only takes a single frequency as in its Frequency field. To use a frequency sweep, or to use multiple frequencies, try using the tool on the “Create a Frequency Set” post. In this tool, you can specify a sweep or multiple frequencies as follows:

  8. Hi Prana Deva,
    Big fan of your work here. I wondered if you could help me trouble shoot an issue. I have used the “Create Custom Frequency” app you have here in the past with no trouble. Today I keep getting an error message:
    Frequency is an invalid number 0.13, 0.52, 0.75, 5.52, 8.22, 47.50, 72.51, 126.33, 275.56, 475.22

    This is a Mega Colon frequency set I was preparing to treat a cat with. I tried moving the decimal point, then completely removing the decimal point and then even tried to generate a file with non-decimal number frequencies. Example: Frequency is an invalid number 110, 125, 194, 222, 304

    As I say, I’ve used this app in the past with no trouble. What am I doing wrong / differently today? Thanks for your time. I have been happily using this recently with the Alleva coils, with no trouble after generating the ALAC file here from the app on this blog. Can’t figure out what is different today.


    • Hi Steve, I see from your next comment your figured out the problem. Yes, the Create Custom Frequency only creates a single frequency files, you wanted to use the Create A Frequency Set app.

      For the kind of healing your are looking for with your cat, you might want to take a look at the Spooky2 solution, using the Spooky2 Remote. It requires that you get a claw/nail clipping from your cat, and place the clipping inside the Spooky Remote transmitter. This is much easier than getting your cat to stay still long enough to get a treatment from the coils. Also, the diypemf solution is not very powerful (its only 100 milligauss, or .1 gauss at the surface of the coils), and may not reach deep enough into the problem areas of your cat.

  9. Follow up to my last, as yet unpublished message – I figured it out! I was using “create custom frequency” rather than “create a frequency set”. My bad. Thanks again for a very useful blog, Bryan.


  10. Hey, thanks for all the info on here, great!
    Have you ever tried to reproduce the Signal that SomaPulse is using?
    What Settings would I have to use on the generator?

    Also, would you consider posting some Gauss-Readings and their respective Volume settings on the sansa clip+?
    as this is probably the mp3 player most people will get for this application.

    I would imagine you posting a gauss-reading with a picture of your volume level, or indicating how many times you have to click on “vol +” to reach the desired intensity.

    • Hi schurbi, I don’t have access to a SomaPulse device, so I have not been able to reproduce its patented waveform.

      Yes, I will at some point be putting of some specs on the Sansa Clip+, which I also have and I usually recommend my friends to buy if they don’t have an MP3 player. The Sansa Clip has a superior frequency response to the iPod touch. See Sansa Clip+ Measured

  11. Thanks for all this info!
    These are the S0maPulse Frequencies:

    Simulated slow-twitch stimulation (for stem cells and slow-twitch muscle activation and contraction): 5-10Hz electrical square waves tuned to produce the necessary magnetic field trapezoidal waves between the coils.
    These primary electrical square waves are single electrical pulses alternating positive -> negative -> positive -> … with a 200 ms delay between each pulse to yield 5 pulses per second, with an effective rate of 10 Hz – this is the same frequency and waveform as used in the NASA stem cell/gene study, alternating polarity.

    Simulated fast-twitch muscle activation and contraction: Short bursts of electrical square waves, one burst each second, repeating for the duration of the second stimulation pattern (10 minutes).
    Each burst is comprised of 5 electrical square wave pulses at 100 Hz, then a rest period for 1 second, repeat for the duration (10 minutes). All pulses are unipolar (not alternating polarity as above).

    Exactly the same as #2, except with the opposite polarity for the electrical pulses.

    do you have an audio file available for these?
    That would be great!

    • No, I don’t have audio files at this point. Would you be able to send me a oscilloscope trace of the SomaPulse wave and I might be able to help you. However, this description above is not enough for me to get even close.

  12. Hi mate,

    Great work with this site! Just have 2 questions:

    1) I am using an extender cord for the headphone jack, so an extension between the magnets and my android phone.
    Is this okay, or does this mess with the results?

    2) any problem with using a PC (laptop) instead of a phone or MP3 player?

    Thanks mate!


  13. One more question mate, the delta sleep lily FLAC file I downloaded is almost impossible to hear in terms of when I play it through speakers on full volume ( can hear it, but it’s very faint…) is this normal?

      • The reason the Lilly wave sounds are fainter than the other waveforms is because the Lilly wave is because the waveform is somewhat sinusoidal, meaning there are little to no harmonics, and the waveform itself has a lot of zero in it.

        The Lilly Wave

  14. I just ordered my coils from SomaPulse. Thank you very much for all the information and help; I can’t wait to get started. My big concern is the very low ohm of the coils. You guys are talking like I can just plug these things into the jack of my iPhone, computer, or MP3 player and hit play. I have burned up amps before by paralleling speakers. 2 amps can definitely burn up the amps in our devices. Normal ohms for speakers are 4 and 8 ohms; 2 is almost a direct short. I’m going to follow the advice of the electronics wizard who recommended adding a 50 ohm resister. Has anybody burned up a player using these coils? I have 2 pair of headphones; one has 32 ohms resistance and the other is 55 ohms. It sounds like I could smoke my headphone amp going into 2 ohms? Are you sure it is safe just the way they are?

    • I don’t know about plugging the coils into your headphone amp. I’ve tried it on a few that I have with no problems, as well as an iPod Touch, Sansa Clip+, and the Spooky2-XM generator. If you are concerned, either use a resistor, or buy a refurbished Sansa Clip+ for under $30. These player have a better frequency response than a iPod touch.

  15. Hi Prana, first of all your blog is a true treasure cove for anyone interested in frequencies. Thank you so much for creating this blog. I too have the spooky2 machine and was wondering if you’ve experienced better results with the spooky2 machine + allevawave coils, since this is a true signal generator. Or have you experienced the same results with coils and mp3 player? Secondly, have you tried BNC to 3.5mm output jack with the spooky2 machine, would be perfect for the allevawave coils. Thanks

    • Spooky2 will work better with the coils using the higher frequencies. Currently I limit the frequencies that the software can create to 2400Hz, because of the limitations of the sound file formats. For the frequencies supported by diypemf, the quality of the wave is as good as Spooky2. But Spooky can go much higher in frequency. I don’t have that adapter you mention, but that should work just fine. In my testing I used the BNC to 2 alligator clips that comes with the Spooky2-XM generator.

  16. Hi, I noticed that the MagCheck 95 cannot be used on it’s own to measure the the waveforms. Are you using this with a computer or some other device? I’d like to buy one. Thanks!

    • I using the MagCheck 95 probe with my PC based oscilloscope. This is so I can see the waveform on the computer screen and take screen shots. The MagCheck probe will also work with a digital multimeter that has AC input, but all you get is a single number.

    • The Alleva Wave and Somapulse products, made by Micro-Pulse LLC, have been taken off the market and replaced by a less expensive Micro-Pulse product. You can buy the same coils as the Alleva-Wave/Somapulse coil from the Micro-Pulse LLC website.

  17. This is indeed very handy!
    Thank you very much.

    I was wondering if in the case of a sine wave it would be possible to use frequency up to 24kHz instead of 2400 as for pulsed signals.

    Also scalar octave correction could also be interesting (dividing by exp(3) instead of 2).


    • Doing 24KHz is not possible to have good resolution on a sine wave. The software and file formats using a 48K samples per second format, which for a 24Khz signal would only allow 2 samples per cycle on a sine wave. The software currently allows for 20 samples per cycle on a sine wave, which is not perfect, but not that bad either.

      As for the scalar octave subharmonics, the Spooky2 software is considering remove the scalar subharmonics, because there is not any proof that they work any better then octal subharmonics.

  18. Hi, my name is Robert Frank and my personal email is “robertfrank77@gmail.com” my cell is 585.687.7097
    I have a close family member afflicted with Cancer and I’m looking to build a cost effective PEMF mat.
    The current ones out there cost 10’s of thousands of dollars.
    I’m looking for advice, and help with plans.
    Please! Any help or direction would be appreciated.
    You are welcome to either email me or call/text me on my personal cell phone.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Bob Frank

  19. Hey all,
    Prana thanks for this great resource. I Use these coils on my Knees while I am on Conference calls,
    I play the files from my PC, and it really helps. I always wondered if there was a way to just test function of the coils. I.e. the compass deflection test etc. but never got around to setting that up though. It occurred to me the other day while my son was playing his electric guitar, that the pickup coils operate off of magnetic frequency fluctuation from the string vibration through the field. I plugged the coils into my phone and played the tones while holding the coils near the pickups on the guitar and could hear the tones coming through the amp. This confirmed that they were in fact working.
    If you just want to know if the coils are functioning try this. If you want to measure the wave shape or intensity that is something else entirely.
    thanks all,

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