The Earth Resonance Series

In the frequency files included in this series (see the table below) are files with frequencies naturally found on the Earth – the Schumann resonance, some harmonics of the Schumann resonance, and an earth resonance frequency.

When you load these files into your MP3 player, the artist name will be Diypemf, the name of the album is Earth, and the names of the each MP3 is as follows:

Schumann 7.64-8hz – this sweep of frequencies centers around the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz. The length in time of this file is about 18 minutes. This sweep is useful for relaxation, and may put you to sleep.

Schumann 1st 13.3-14.8hz – this sweep of frequencies centers around the 1st harmonic of the Schumann resonance. This will also be relaxing, but you will be kept in an alert state.

Schumann 2nd 20-20.5hz – this sweep of frequencies centers around the 2nd harmonic of the Schumann resonance. This is a healing set of frequencies, and you will be kept in an alert state.

Earth Resonance 9.1-10hz – this sweep of frequencies centers around the frequency the earth itself generates. This is a very healing set of frequencies, and may or may not put you to sleep.

When you play these files, remember to place your MP3 player into single song repeat mode.

Description Link
MP3 Lossy (.mp3) Download (24Mb)
Apple Lossless ALAC (.m4a) Download (316Kb)
Free Lossless FLAC (.flac) Download (1.2Mb)

[May 30, 2014 Update] I’ve added ALAC and FLAC support.

7 thoughts on “The Earth Resonance Series

  1. Prana, nice site. I was wondering about the power output of an mp3 player – a quick search gave me figures ranging from 2.5mW to 37mW. In contrast the Somapulse for example seems to have an output of c. 350mW. Do you know of a way to get a comparable power output via an MP3 player/phone?

    • Alex, its possible to first amplify the audio output. I tried this with a headphone amplifier, and a bookshelf stereo amp. For the small coils I recommend, it is possible to get them too hot with amplification, some people have commented that they get warm from just plugging them into the headphone jack. The other thing I would warn about using an amplifier is that you may get to the 10’s of Gauss after amplification, which may be unhealthy long term. I myself like a strength of half a milligauss for when I sleep. I’ve read that over 10 milligauss is considered harmful long term, and some people propose that over 3 milligauss is harmful.

  2. First off, thank you for your work! I tried the alpha mp3 and the thing that I noticed was a lingering calmness. I have been using binaural beats for some time and they do help but I did not notice the same results. I have only tried this once but this seems promising.

    How did you make the MP3s. I would like to experiment with some other frequencies. I would be glad to contribute the files once I make them.



  3. Big-Thanks for freeing up this information, I just ordered a couple pairs of “replacement coils” so I can start trying this out, and I’m curious about something…

    There’s this recent study that shows that “low current stimulation” of “synchronous oscillations around 25 and 40 Hz” induce lucid dreaming states.

    Do you think that a pemf device at 25hz or 40hz will have a similar effect that “low current stimulation” of the same frequency does?

    • I don’t know, it might. I didn’t read the full paper to see the detail, but other people have made devices to improve consciousness, like the Shiva coil or Shakti coil, which use electromagnets, but with a sophisticated programming sequence of the coils plus they uses actually brain wave recordings. I don’t know if a single frequency or a set of frequencies coming out of a single coil will do the trick.

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