The Single Frequency Series

In the frequency files included in this series (see the table below) are files with single frequencies that are useful for pain relief, relaxation, and healing.

When you load these files into your MP3 player, the artist name will be Diypemf, the name of the album is “Single Frequencies”, and the names of the each MP3 is as follows:

7.83 Hz – this is the Schumann resonance frequencies, useful for pain relief and relaxation.

9.6 Hz – this is the earth frequency, useful for relaxation.

10 Hz – this is a particularly healing frequency. If you lookup this frequency in the Cross Reference List of CAFL Frequencies, you will find it useful for healing several ailments when used with Rife-like frequency technologies.

20 Hz – this is a particularly healing frequency. If you consult the CAFL cross-reference, you will find it useful for healing several ailments.

528 Hz – this is the DNA repair frequency.

When you play these files, remember to place your MP3 player into single song repeat mode.

There are three different kind of frequency files below, MP3,  Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC), and Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). For the Apple/iOS platform (iPhone/iPod/iPad), use the ALAC. For Android, use FLAC if your player supports it. Otherwise, choose MP3. The ALAC and FLAC archives are smaller and compress better than the MP3 archives, and they also have zero loss or distortion of the signal.

Description Link
MP3 Lossy (.mp3) Download (2.3Mb)
Apple Lossless ALAC (.m4a) Download (89Kb)
Free Lossless FLAC (.flac) Download (114Kb)

[May 27, 2014 Update] I’ve updated the album name to “Single Frequencies”.

[May 30, 2014 Update] I’ve added ALAC and FLAC support.

2 thoughts on “The Single Frequency Series

  1. When using the heal frequency would you still be placing the magnets under your pillow or would you be using it like the Somapulse and attach it to the area you want to heal? If you’re not using it overnight how long is the recommended usage for a daily treatment? Thanks for the site.

    • Hi Steve. For healing, you would want to put the coils over the area you want to heal. There are pictures in the SomaPulse Device Manual. The diypemf device without any amplification is probably too weak for muscular healing or bone healing, as it’s maximum magnetic strength is 300 milligauss, while the Somapulse is 130 gauss (the Somapulse is 433 times stronger). I have on order now a portable headphone amplifier, the FiiO E6, which I believe might give a 4 times power increase, and I will be writing about that. Also a stereo amplifier will create even more amplification, but to use the Aleva Wave/Somapulse coils, a resistor may need to be added in series to the coils. For bacterial / viral issues, I suggest taking a look at the Spooky2 Rife solution, which is a low cost generator plus free full featured software controller on Windows.

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