The Yin and Yang of the Schumann Resonance

I was watching a recent David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings episode on GaiamTv called Magnetic Resonance Technology, and was inspired to create a better Schumann Resonance audio file. David Wilcock said that for a Schumann resonance generator to be effective, it needed both the 7.83 Hz signal as well as the even lower frequency that comes from earth itself, about 0.5 Hz.

Here is a graph of the waveform I created that has both a sine wave 7.83 Hz signal, as well as a sine wave 0.5 Hz signal.


Description Link
MP3 Lossy (.mp3) Download (3.1Mb)
Apple Lossless ALAC (.m4a) Download (6.1Mb)
Free Lossless FLAC (.flac) Download (5.3Mb)

If you would like to create your own frequency files with 2 different signals inside, like the audio files above, here is how you do it. Using the Create a Frequency Set tool, I created a 200 second long Sine wave 7.83 Hz audio file. Then I created a 200 second long Sine wave 0.5 Hz audio file.

I then imported each of these audio files into 2 different tracks on Audacity. In Audacity I decreased the volume of each track by 50% (-0.6 db), selected all tracks and then mixed the tracks using the “Mix and Render” menu command.

Alternatively, to mix the two separate signal you could use sox command line tool with the following command:

sox -m 7.83Hz.flac 0.5Hz.flac Mixed.flac

24 thoughts on “The Yin and Yang of the Schumann Resonance

  1. Hi Prana Deva

    Very interesting, and thanks much for this treasure trove of information. I’ve just ordered my coils from Micro-Pulse. A few questions. I have major sleep problems, mostly due to stress.

    1. How would you recommend placing the coils under my pillow? Side by side, one on each side, under the pillow at the ends?
    2. What initial volume level should I use on my iPod?
    3. How long do the coils last?
    4. Do these work better that binaural beats? The beats did not really have much of an effect on me, or perhaps entrainment takes longer.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Much appreciate your work!


    • Hi Milind,

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. For some reason, comments on this blog were being attached to an image page, and I was unable to move them into a normal post. Also, my picture is on your comment, which I think is a bug.

      As for your questions:

      1. I put the coils under my pillow, side by side, but about 6 to 8 inches apart, so that they are under my ears. Also make sure the smooth side of the coils are facing your head.
      2. I use 80% of full volume.
      3. How long the coils last depends on how well you take care of them. I’ve a pair for 1.5 years, and they seem fine. But these coils have been inside my house the entire time. I have another pair I left in my car for using while driving, and the heat of the inside of my car has degraded the plastic, which is now hard and somewhat brittle.
      4. I like these coils better than binaural beats, as there is not noise or music to listen to. It may be that you need to get used to the coils before they start to work. And there are some people for whom these coils never work.

    • I haven’t used those coils yet, but they look nice. For the diypemf application, it will probably reduce the amplitude to each set of coils by half, since now there are double the coils. If you were to wire your own splitter, with the left channel going to one coil, and the right channel going to the other coils, there would be no loss of power.

  2. Hello Prana Deva

    I want to go experimenting with this device.
    Contacted Micro-Pulse LLC but shipment to the Netherlands (Europe) is very expensive, like 54 dollar for 1 coil.
    Do you know where in Europe i can order the replacement coils?

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to buy these in the Netherlands without paying the shipping. It used to be that there were many resellers, but now that Alleva-Wave is Micro-Pulse, the resellers are gone. You can use other coils from ebay, search for “electric lifting magnet”. Before I discovered the Alleva-Wave/Somapulse/MicroPulse coils, I experimented with this coils/solenoids. The downside of using these coils is that you need to wire a stereo 3.5mm plug, and these coils are bigger, heavier, and harder that the Micro-pulse coils. On the positive side, these coils generate a stronger magnetic field the the Micro-Pulse coils. I paid $22.90 for a coil/solenoid that has 40 kilograms of lifting power.

  3. Hello Prana Deva,
    Found your site about PEMF, thank you for provide this cheap method about PEMF.

    Anyway i got a question, if that is possible?
    Do use these coils everyday?
    Do you only use them on your head?
    And are you still using the coils from micro pulse?

    You also said before you use the electric lifting magnet, did you get any better result from them, since they created a stronger field?


    • Nils, I haven’t been using them as much recently, as I have been just living with my insomnia. But I used them for a year almost every night for 6 to 8 hours, and they work really well. My use during that year was all under my pillow, so yes, for my head.

      Also, David Bourke from the Spooky2 forum had some good insomnia treatments that were also working for me, which got me using the coils less.

      While the lifting magnets are stronger, I used the micro-pulse coils because they are so much more convenient. If you need a stronger magnetic field, you will need to amplify the MP3 signal with a small amplifier. If you are only going to get one coil, go with the micro-pulse because of the convenience.

  4. Hello Prana Deva

    Good to hear from you aldready.

    May i ask why you stop used them? Since living with insomnia sounds terrible, and if you have found a solution why quit it?

    Im thinking of ordering the lifting magnet, because its cheaper than the micro pulse coils and can create a stronger magnet field. Im thinking only to use the coils when im sleeping.

    Only problem i have is how to make it?

    Im thinking of ordering :,searchweb201602_5_10037_10017_10021_507_10022_10032_10020_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=de6d9941-b7ae-4fca-bfae-db890259885d

    and these?,searchweb201602_5_10037_10017_10021_507_10022_10032_10020_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=44b666b9-e112-47a4-96c2-5acce7b14d3b

    Wire them together, hook up and small amplifier and then it should work, or?

    Do you have any frequency meter that you recommend that can measure the 7.83 hz?

    Also have you tryed ICES?

    Sounds like a upgrade version of PEMF

    And about the commenting, yes i have tryed to comment on your website before, but it seems like the comment wont go through. I think you need to check it out and fix it. smile emoticon

    Anyway, thanks for your respond, really appreciate it.


    • That lifting magnet and the plug will work. See Testing Your Coils for which parts of the 3.5mm plug needs to be connected. Before you solder anything, you want to get the polarity correct. Download the Magnet Test file, and use a compass, so that when you connect the wires, the north seeking pointer of the compass is facing the top of your coil.

        • With an amplifier, you don’t need the plug. I’ve used a stereo, and played with small amps, and what I did was hook up the MP3 player to the input of the amplifier using a standard 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male stereo cable. If your stereo doesn’t have MP3 input plug, you may need to get an RCA adapter. Then since in magnet you are buying already has stripped wires, just connect those to the speaker wire connector in the amplifier.

          • Thanks Prana,

            Have been ordering some magnet coils now, so are waiting them to arrive.

            Also looking for a meter that can show the gauss and the frequency and have found this one: what do you think?

            Can pemf also help me with this?
            Included with bad sleep, im also chronic dehydrated, have tryed everything from training to 100’s of supplements but nothing works, do you have any clue if pemf could maybe help me?

            Thanks, and will keep you updated!

          • Hi Nils,

            I looked at the specs of the gauss meter, and it looks like it could work well. The lowest frequency it can register is 50Hz, so you will have to keep that in mind when you are using the meter. The probe I wrote about in earlier comments is good down to 25Hz.

            So I’ve written much about how PEMF can help with sleep. How much water are you drinking? Are you finding that you don’t retain water that well? I don’t know of any frequencies that can heal dehydration. There are frequencies to help with blood circulation. Search for circulation using the Search tool describe in this post: The Rife Frequencies. Also, you might want to consider the supplement called Megahydrate by PhiSciences and Patrick Flanagan.

          • Thanks Prana,

            About the frequency meter, i know the lowest is 50 Hz, but if i have a test above 50Hz and it show accurate every time, then it should’t be a problem, to put the setting under 50hz, because it shows accurate frequency everytime its above 50Hz, right.

            And about my hydration problem, yea i don’t retain water very well, i can drink alot but still have dry skin and have to go to the toilet after some glass of water. I had a theory about the water didnt enter/hydrate the cell effective, and there was maybe a frequency that could maybe help me out.


  5. By the way, the insomnia is not terrible. I realize that I stay up because I like being up late. I ran the diypemf the last few days to see how it felt, and I definitely slept better. The Sleep Frequencies that are in the Spooky Forum also help me, as improve the pineal gland function. See Sleep & Insomnia Frequencies. At the end of that thread I provide a Spooky2 preset that Spooky2 users can run continuously.

    • Hello again Prana.

      I was wondering about something, i have now got a amplifier and a magnets.

      I did setup everything and create a frequency file test (75hz squarewave.mp3). But here i got into some problems.

      Firstly, after 1-5 minutes the magnet begin to get really hot? Why does that occur?

      And how many milligauss should i aim for?
      When i was really near with my gauss meter i reached 300-400 milligauss but around 20-30cm it was on 50-100gauss.

      Thanks Prana!

      • The magnet gets hot if too much power is applied. Just lower the volume on the amp. 50 milligauss is fine to get frequency healing, depending on what your application is. For me, using entrainment to get me into a theta or delta state to go to sleep, 0.5 milligauss works just fine. I also think that for getting better circulation or helping things heal, low power is just fine.

  6. Hi Prana,
    Thanks for your work!
    Could you please tell me if I can listen to the flac (or mp3) downloadable files, or the frequencies created using the “Create Rife Frequency Set”, through home stereo speakers (as it’s apparently doable with isochronic tones), or do I have to have headphones on?…..


    • Hi Huck, yes it is possible to use your stereo, but very low frequencies may not come through. You don’t listen to the sounds with your ears, but instead get close to the speakers to absorb the magnetic field coming out of the speaker. You can place the headphone earpiece near an area of your body you are trying to heal, rather than putting the headphones around your ears.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply…In the meantime I bought the coils you suggested and will try it all with my ipod overnight!
    Many thanks!!!

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