A Simple PEMF Device

This first post is going to start with how to build a simple PEMF device. No introduction on why you would want to do this, or the benefits of the device, that will come later, or you can search the web for this information. The device is simple – you need an MP3 player, an electromagnet, and some MP3 files that contain a signal that will generate a healing and beneficial pulsed electromagnetic field from the electromagnets.

For this first implementation, I recommend getting these magnets:alleva

These magnets are found on the internet for between $20 to $30 US dollars, and go by the name Alleva-Wave Replacement coils or SomaPulse Replacement coils (See note below dated Aug 12, 2015). They have a plug you can put into a headphone jack of an MP3 player. I found some on Ebay that were $23 USD including shipping.

Ideally you already have a device that can play MP3 files. This could be a dedicated MP3 player, a computer, tablet, or phone. If you have none of these, you can take the MP3 files and burn them to an audio CD.

Whatever MP3 player you have, there are 2 important features that are necessary. The first is the ability to plug it into your wall power while playing, as you will want to use this device for long periods of time, and this will drain batteries. The other feature the player needs to support is repeating a song over and over, a single song repeat mode.

Download the MP3s that are in later posts, load them to your MP3 player, put the player into repeat mode, plug the coils into the headphone jack of your MP3 player and play. For these particular coils, its best to have the smooth side of the coil facing your body.  The next posts describes the various set of MP3 files that are useful for better sleep, pain relief, and improved circulation.

The Downloads are offered in three different audio file formats. For Apple and iOS products (iPod, iPhone, iPad), choose Apple Lossless (ALAC). For open source music players, like Android 3.1+ and Rockbox, or commercial players like RIM Blackberry, Cowon, Creative Zen, HiFiMAN, Sansa Clip family, TrekStor, iRiver, Archos, and Latte, choose Free Lossless (FLAC). If your music player cannot handle the other lossless formats, choose MP3, which is a lossy format. The ALAC and FLAC formats will offer no distortion and smaller download size, while the MP3 files are distorted because of the lossy compression.

[Aug 21, 2015 Update] The Alleva-wave and Somapulse products have been taken off the market by their parent company, Micro-Pulse LLC, and are now marketed under the Micro-Pulse label. To buy these coils, go the Micro-Pulse website and buy the replacement coils for the Micro-Pulse product.

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  1. Hi Prana Deva
    First of all, huge kudos for the work.

    1) There is a great software that might be useful for people who wish to experiment with their own set of frequencies. It’s called “Neuro-Programmer 3” and people can get it here:


    They have a trial version; I would love to hear your opinion on it. after buying it you can create a WAV file for a sleep program or any other program you wish to use, but even without it you can connect the PEMF coil you suggested to your computer and see for yourself.

    2) What do you think about using a Headphone Splitter Jack with 2 coils in order to increase the intensity of the magnetic field? example to such item can be found here:

    I guess the big issue will be the fact the audio output of most players will not provide the required mojo for the extra coil…

    3) Do you know of any hack that will allow us to use the EarthPulse magnet with an audio player?

    Again, huge thanks for your work

    • Hi PEMFman,

      Thanks for the feedback. Anyone can create their own frequency sets here on this website in MP3, Apple Lossless, and Free Lossless formats. There are also a Brainwave Frequency list that can give you frequencies to create different brain wave states. Much of the features of the NP3 are designed for use over speakers rather than electromagnets like the Diypemf.

      As for using a splitter, this is a good idea if you want to apply magnetic fields over multiple areas, but power to each coil will be cut in half with a standard spitter. You can create your own splitter with a 3.5mm headphone male connector and two 3.5 female connectors that won’t cut the power in half to each coil, because the coils only use the right channel. Wire the ground of the male connector to the ground of both female connectors. Wire the left channel of the male to the right channel of one of the female connectors, and the right channel of the male to the right channel of the other female connector. The tip of the male connector is the left channel, the middle section of the connector is the right channel, and the part closest to the base of the connector is the ground.

      Making an adapter for the Earthpulse magnet ought to be easy. I no longer have the Earthpulse device, so I can’t give you instructions. But the Earthpulse magnet is a simple magnet, and if doesn’t work in an audio player as is, it must be because the magnet is wired to the left channel and right channel connector, thus confusing any audio player. You would need to create your own adapter to make one of the wires go to ground, and the other could go to the right channel.

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    • Hi Rife, the Sansa Clip+ is a nice and inexpensive MP3 player. New it goes for $40, but you can find them refurbished for $10 less. These MP3 players have a better frequency response curve than the iPod. They also play the FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, that have have no distortions due to compression like MP3.

      • Thank you for the quick reply Prana, appreciated!

        How important you think is the output of the mp3 player for best results? I ll guess our brain at rest will be easy to entrain to the frequency, but I am wondering if a higher output could further improve the results?

        Best placement for magnets?

        If I remember correctly at the end of the session you are bringing the frequency to Beta? Have you experienced an effect strong enough to wake at the 8 hour mark without an alarm?

        Huge thanks for this idea! I am really having issues with sleep quality. I thought about making a device with a similar logic myself in the past, but this is great to try, really easy to put together and inexpensive!

        • The MP3 player output is high enough for brain entrainment. For deeper healing inside the body, an amplifier would help. Because the resistance of the coils is low (~2 ohms), it may be necessary to put a 50 ohm resistor in series with the coils.

          I use the coils under my pillow for sleeping. When I use the diypemf in my car, I place 1 coil hanging from the top of the behind my neck, and the other coil between the seat and the back facing my sacrum. For other uses, check out the Somapulse User Guide.

          If I am really tired/underslept, going to Beta wave doesn’t always wake me up. Nowadays, I mostly use the Delta Wave from Brain Wave Series for sleeping, and rely on an alarm clock to wake me up.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for all this great advice and info. I’d really like to try this out but just went to order the coils from Micro-pulse and the shipping alone cost $67, I’m in the U.K. I can’t find anything similar over here so I’m wondering is there a way of making the coils or adapting something else? Unless of course you or anyone else knows of somewhere that supplies to the UK without extortionate shipping charges.

    All and any solutions welcome.

    Many thanks. 🙂

  4. Hi Prana,
    thanks for the informative site.
    I am curious what the difference between just listening to these files would be vs using the magnetic coils. doesn’t listening to delta waves induce it in the brain? if so why get coils then

    • Listen would work, but not as effectively as the coil. When you listen through a pair of speakers, you get the magnetic field too, but some of the energy goes into sound. With the coils, you get the full magnetic energy, plus there is no annoying sounds. The coils are completely quiet.

  5. Dear Bryan\Prana Deva,

    I haven’t seen much postings lately from you on S2.
    I hope all goes well and you are making your desired progress in both your health and spiritual development.

    If you need any help with 8D or Hunter, please do not hesitate to ask.


    if you want changes, make a bugslist and all below 0.450 into spooky2.
    Monitor them going up to 1500 then your are really safe.

    If you treat with The Hunter, go deep to the lowest level at RNA, treat the molecules, guanine, adenine, uracil and thymine
    Then go to the mitochondria, treat the outer membrame, then the atp synthesizing system.
    Then go up to dna, genes etc.

    It takes more effort but if you go from there back to the cell and organ level, miracles happen.

    A spiritual brother (btw like the hindoe paintings on the wall) 🙂


    • Yes. I’ve tried and tested this setup, and it does work. You need the Spooky coil that works with Spooky Central, NOT the one that works with the Spooky XM. These two coils are the same coil, with a 1/4 inch plug, but the configuration for the Spooky Central has an 1/4 inch to 1/8th inch adapter, while the coil for the Spooky XM has a 1/4 inch to BNC adapter.

  6. I want to make my PEMF device. Actually I tested with a friend the IMRS 2000 and I love but is so expensive. I have some stress and high heart beats at nights usually and the PEMF makes me feel very comfortable it works. Now for my custom PEMF device I bought the sansa clip+ but I have these questions:

    1.-What amplifier is suggested for best power and results?
    2.-And with the amplifier suggested can I use to use 2 set of coils:
    or is required custom made by myself following your instructions in prior post? I don’t know if that splitter is already constructed for the purpose because is sold by micro-pulse like the coils.
    3.-Or any dual output amplifier suggested to use 2 set of coils at the same time?

    • 1. I dont have an answer for you on this, because I haven’t done any formal experimentation (I’ve play with a few stereo amps, but I did’t record the results, and I don’t have tools to measure frequency response).
      2. The audio splitter — I don’t know the wiring. You can make your own splitter, that sends the right channel to one coil, and the left channel to the other. Each of these coils pairs are mono, and I show the wiring somewhere in the comments in this blog.

      3. Sorry, no suggestions from me here.

  7. Also I forgot another question for example this frequency:


    How you place the coils to treat that kind of treatments for the heart? I saw some placements for legs, arms and so on… But I have that question to where to o,ace to treat heart problems?

    And what it means dwell 180?

    • For the heart, I would place one coil on your chest facing your heart, the other behind your back facing your heart also.

      The dwell = 180 means that each frequency will run for 180 seconds if no time is specified, so dwell is the default running time of a frequency. To have your set have different run times for each frequency, you can specify for example: 696=3000,7.83=90. This means run 696 for 3000 seconds, and then run 7.83 for 90 seconds.

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for this very informative site. I am looking to buy the replacement coils but live in France and don’t see anyone who ships over here. Do you have any suggestions or alternatives?

  9. Hi
    Has anyone a copy of the Elector Circuit, 1970’s, 80’s?

    Unable to find it on the Net.

    I build the circuit at the time but instead of using their wound “bolt” I made up a pouch with ~100turns of thin wire on the rim then used steel wool in the middle of the coil.

    Took time but was very effective in solving a back pain problem which had bothered me for years.

    Have another use for the circuit again, would appreciate a copy of the article or a link thereto.


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