Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

A question came in from a reader about how to make a sleep program. I’ve put together a simple 8 hour sleep program using the Lilly wave that will take you from an awake Beta wave state down to a light sleep Theta wave state in a half hour. It will then stay in a light sleep Theta wave state for a half hour. It then moves you from a light sleep Theta wave state down to a deep sleep Delta wave state in 15 minutes. The program then keeps you in a deep sleep Delta wave state for 6.25 hours, and then moves you from a deep sleep Delta wave state to an awake Beta wave state over the course of a half hour. Here is the frequency set for this program:


Simple 8 Hour Delta Sleep

Description MP3 (.mp3) ALAC (.m4a) FLAC (.flac)
Delta Sleep Lilly Download (175Mb) Download (147Mb) Download (47Mb)

As you can see from the file sizes, the MP3 version is 175 Mbyte, and the ALAC version his 147 Mbyte, so these files will take a while to download. The FLAC version is only 46 Mbyte, so if you can use it, please do. Because these file lengths are so long, I’ve come up with another way to create an 8 hour (or longer or shorter) sleep program described in the following section.

Using a Playlist

Another way to do a sleep program is to make smaller frequency sets and assemble them together in a playlist. Here is a description of the pieces you can use to create a playlist for your own custom sleep program. Each element of the play list a half hour, or 30 minutes long. You can piece together your own program. If your music player does not support playlists, you can take a file that is used multiple times, and make copies of that file with a new name. On my Sansa Clip+ music player, which does not have playlist support, I needed to put numbers in front of the filename so that the files would play in the correct order.

beta2theta-lilly is a half hour program that goes from an awake Beta wave state to a light sleep Theta wave state. The frequency set for this program is 14-4=1800. (The file beta2theta-lilly will have one of the following name depending on its file type: beta2theta-lilly.mp3,  beta2theta-lilly.m4a, or beta2theta-lilly.flac. All the following descriptions will have a suffix of .mp3, .m4a, or .flac, depending on which audio format you choose.)

theta-lilly is a program that stays in the light sleep Theta wave state for a half hour. Its frequency set is 4=1800.

theta2delta-lilly is a half hour program that goes from a light sleep Theta wave state to a deep sleep Delta wave state. Its frequency set is 4-0.5=1800.

delta-lilly is a program that stays in the deep sleep Delta wave state for a half hour. Its frequency set is 0.5=1800.

delta2beta-lilly is a half hour program that goes from a deep sleep Delta wave state to an awake Beta wave state. Its frequency set is 0.5-20=1800.

delta2theta-lilly is a half hour program that goes from a deep sleep Delta Wave state to a light sleep Theta wave state. Its frequency set is 0.5-4=1800.

theta2beta-lilly is a half hour program that goes from a light sleep Theta wave state to an awake Beta wave state. Its frequency set is 4-20=1800. To create an 8 hour program that goes from Beta to Theta to Delta back to Beta is:


Alternatively, you can create a 8 hour program that goes between back and forth between Theta and Delta sleep:


Playlist Parts

Description MP3 (.mp3) ALAC (.m4a) FLAC (.flac)
Sleep Program Lilly Download (118Mb) Download (52Mb) Download (23Mb)

47 thoughts on “Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Hey, great idea man!
    I’m not really good at that electricity stuff but I wonder whether the output power of the Mp3 player is an important factor here. For example is the volume setting important..i would imagine it is. What if when we put the volume at highest setting the magnetic field is not strong enough to go through the tissues?

    Do you think that an amplifier could be used to increase the power output and maybe get a better result? I read that PEMF can be used to relax muscles and even speed up recovery, wounds, decrease inflammation etc.

    I am not criticizing… just wondering and I’d like to hear your thoughts 🙂

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    • Hi Jimmy,

      The more power you have, the stronger the magnetic field. For short term exposure, say like less than an hour, using high power magnetic fields is OK. However, if you are going to sleep with the PEMF, you want low power. Also, if you check out the Distortions post, when you put the volume on your player to full, the signal gets clipped. For my iPod Touch, I put the volume to about 80%.

      You can buy an stereo amplifier (I’ve seen ones as low as $20 from Lepai) to create a stronger magnetic field. If you use an amplifier, the frequencies will go deeper into your muscles and you will have better results with regard to relieving pain and healing injuries. Again, if you do this, please limit the amount of time you are exposed to the higher energies.

  2. Hi.
    First night with my new Coils for Alleva Wave.

    Put the files into my Ipod Video, VOLUME IN THE MIDDLE.

    Delta wave in “repeat mode”.

    Coils under the pillow.

    I’ve gone to bed at 10.00 pm.
    I’ve woken up at 2.00 as usual.

    Turn volume to maximum level.
    Slept from 4.00 to 6.00 and WITH DREAMS: this is very unusual for me.
    I don’t generally remember my dreams.

    Maybe for this to be effective, the brain should be trained for some time.

    Have you had results very soon?

    Thank you.


    p.s. – I’m not using an Apple charger for my Ipod. Is that a problem? If it is, what kind do you suggest?

    • Hi Marco,

      For some people, it does take a while to feel the effects of the PEMF. For me, the results were immediate. When I bought the Earthpulse solution, they recommend trying it for 90 days before making a decision whether or not PEMF is working for you. On my Ipod Touch, I put the volume at about 80%.

      As for the chargers, the very cheap chargers (say less than $5) can often be noisy, that is, they introduce distortions into the waveforms. The apple charger, which costs near $20, is very clean and there is no distortion. I am sure other chargers are clean too, but I don’t have an easy way for people to determine which chargers are clean or not. To find out for yourself, you need to get a Magcheck 95 Sensor probe and hook it up to an oscilloscope, and look at the waveforms coming out of your coils. You can also do it without the Magcheck, by checking the signal coming out of the headphone jack on your iPod with an oscilloscope.

  3. Wow. Fantastic DIY blog my friend. Look forward to experimenting with this. Have you had any experience experimenting with “gamma wave” frequencies? I think this might be a great addition.

    A gamma wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in humans with a frequency between 25 and 100 Hz though 40 Hz is typical.

    The benefits of producing the gamma frequency are: Increased memory recall (the 40 Hz frequency is known to regulate memory processing); people with high gamma activity have exceptionally vivid and rapid memory recall.

    Increased sensory perception. Senses are heightened when the brain produces gamma waves. Food tastes better; vision and hearing sharpen; sense of smell becomes more powerful; and your brain becomes far more sensitive to all sensory input. This makes for a much richer sensory experience and a better perception of reality.

    Increased focus; but this enhanced focus is not necessarily aimed at one individual object or task. In the gamma state, your brain is able to process all sensory information faster and more fully with greater sensitivity; and combine the whole scenario into a highly memorable experience. People with high gamma activity can recall everything about any memorable event – the food they ate, the music they heard, the conversations, the names of people they met, the air temperature, etc.

    One of the most remarkable properties of the gamma state is the processing speed: the brain is able to process incredible amounts of information very quickly, remember it, and retrieve that memory later.

    People with high gamma activity are naturally happier, calmer and more at peace. This is Nature’s best anti-depressant (people suffering from depression typically have very low gamma activity). Gamma waves are present during REM sleep and visualization. Compassion comes from a feeling of one-ness with all creation. This is the “feeling of blessings” and ecstasy that accompanies high levels of gamma brainwave activity.

    • Hi Bill. I haven’t played with gamma waves yet, but I intend to now that I’ve read your comment. Thanks for the great info on gamma waves. I’ll see to putting the gamma wave into the Brain Wave series. But in the meantime, you can create your own gamma wave frequency files using the “Create a Frequency Set” page. Also, if you look on “The Rife Frequencies” page, and search for gamma, you will find one from the Brainwave Frequency List.

  4. Hi Prana,

    I’ve bought some coils and am trying your frequencies out. Very cool, thanks.

    I’m curious why you put this together to stay in Theta for 6.25 hours? Normal sleep cycle goes in and out of the various waveforms and REM is a beta/alpha blend of sorts:

    Not a criticism, just interested in your thinking…

    I have tried it by the way and did sleep deeply and woke a few minutes before the end of the beta stage 🙂


    • Hi Lee,

      Your comment made me realize there was a mistake in my post, which I have now corrected. This statement is incorrect:

      The program then keeps you in a deep sleep Theta wave state for 6.25 hours, and then moves you from a deep sleep Theta wave state to an awake Beta wave state over the course of a half hour.

      The sleep program puts you into Delta waves for 6.25 hours, and then moves you from Delta to Beta.

      Still, you might ask why so long in Delta sleep? From my experience with the Brain Wave Series, the simple Delta wave frequencies gave me excellent sleep. So I thought I’d have a long Delta wave portion of the sleep program. If you would like to experiment with switching between Delta and Theta (or other brain wave states), you can play with making a playlist using the Sleep Program offered in this post. If you want to include Beta and Alpha states, I suggest creating these frequencies as a custom frequency and adding it to your playlist.

      • Yep, it does seem to work well. I’ve just spent 2 weeks in a -5hr timezone shift and this really seemed to help with the initial jet lag adjustment…I do that fairly frequently and this time was easier than usual by some way. And yes I will try it out creating that pattern I posted when I get the time!

        Thanks again.


  5. Hi Prana,

    Great site and I love the DYI PEMF. I am a physician that has a $15000 PEMF unit in my office. I would love to be able to send my patients home with a simple makeshift PEMF device. I have a couple of questions.

    The first is that I have purchased a Sansa clip+ and a set of coils. I have tried playing the Deep Sleep file both through my Sansa clip and my computer to test the magnets, and I can not get either of them to deflect a compass magnet. I bought four sets of the magnet coils and none of them deflect the magnet. What’s up with that?

    The second question has to do with the distortion effects you described in a previous post. Since all of the frequencies used in the Deep Sleep file are low frequencies, it would appear that all of them are being significantly distorted and would have both N and S output. I know that John White believes that only the N output is beneficial and the the S output should be avoided. I have not researched the science behind John’s assertion so don’t know if that is a widely held view or not. In any case, if he is right, it would seem to me that creates a bit of a problem with the S output in the Deep Sleep program. Have you had any success with easily creating a positive DC output on the magnets?

    I have a Spooky2 generator and have read the discussion on the Spooky2 forum concerning your DIY device but the electronics of the discussion are beyond me and the discussion thread seems in limbo. Any new developments on using the Spooky2 generator with the coils? I have searched for a BNC to female 3.5 plug without success. I could probably make the modifications described on the forum site, but I doubt if most of patients could.

    Thanks so much for your work. I hope you find a way to work the distortion bug out of the system because it would be wonderful if more people could benefit from PEMF at low cost.



    • Hi Avinash,

      The Deep Sleep file will not deflect a compass needle, because it is using the Lilly wave, which is a very weak signal. Please download this zip file: Magnet Test Zipfile Unzip the file, and place the FLAC version called MagnetTest.flac onto your Sansa Clip+, and then test the coils. I place the coils perpendicular to the compass near the tip of the needle.

      To fix the distortion effect of the MP3 player, a hardware change is needed. The capacitor that is wired between the output of the headphone jack needs to be removed. Once removed, you won’t be able to put a headphone into the player again without potentially damaging the headphones. Some additional circuitry may be needed to prevent too much current from going into the coils (maybe just a resistor). I don’t know enough about hardware to design a fix for this problem.

      As for using the Alleva-Wave coils with the Spooky2-XM generator, you could just cut off the 3.5mm plug, and strip some insulation off the end of the wires, and use the BNC to alligator clip wire that came with the Spooky2-XM generator. I bought some industrial electromagnets from Ebay that came with only bare wire (no plug or connector), so hooking them up the Spooky2 was a breeze.

      I plan to experiment more with Spooky2 and PEMF and write up my experiences with Spooky2 on this blog in the future.

      PS: Even with the distortion bug in the system, the PEMF is quite effective for me. I use the diypemf for better sleep, and to keep myself alert yet relaxed when driving long distances (I use the Beta Wave frequencies found in the Brain Wave Series for this).

      • Hi Prana,

        Thanks for the info. I download the test file and tried it on both my Sansa and computer and still no deflection. I also tried changing the magnet, but still no deflection, not even a trace that I can detect. I can hear the pulses through my speakers on my computer and the volume is maxed out.

        I ordered my four sets from Innovative Health Concepts in West Dundee, IL, so I assume they are genuine Alleva-Wave replacement magnets and not a cheap knock-off.

        Any thoughts as to what may be going on?

        Thanks again,


        • Hi Avinash,

          Do you have a voltmeter/multimeter? If not, go to Harbor Freight and get one for less than $10.

          The following drawing is an image of the 3.5mm plug found on the Alleva-Wave coils: 3.5mm plug

          Measure the resistance between the RING and the SLEEVE. It should be zero or near zero (at the finest resolution, it shows up as 2 ohms on my meter). Measure the resistance between the TIP and the SLEEVE. It should be infinity (this shows up as 1 in the far left column on my meter).

          Also, when using the Alleva-Wave coil, make sure the plug is pushed all the way into the socket. On the Sansa Clip+, I remember it being a tight fit. Make sure the volume is set to full (the volume is the rocker switch on the left side of the player).

  6. Great service you are providing to create a custom frequency. A suggestion is adding Pink noise as an option. It works well with any frequency combination and also is very easy on the ears, an issue for those wanting to use headphones or simply listen with speakers using the other waveforms. You can also tune material using your designer frequency with the electrical audio coil.

    • Thanks for the kind note Tom. The focus of this blog is to play these frequencies out of electromagnetic coils rather than speakers. The pink noise is absolutely necessary if listening to frequencies from speakers or headphones. But from coils, it’s not necessary. Thanks for the tip on tuning materials.

  7. I’m very tempted to try and build my own version. Any tips on the oscilloscope? I see lesspemf have a piece of kit that plugs into a computer. I’m wondering about a cheap second hand one…any tips for a novice would be appreciated.

    And have you tried using high end audio equipment? I assume you have, just wondering about whether my Arcam amp has the same circuitry and therefore distortion issue….


    • My next oscilloscope will be a software based on called the Picoscope. I currently have a low end Hantek that also uses a PC, which works OK.

      If you want to buy a very clean (distortion free) signal generator for a good price, check out the Spooky2 XM generator, or the 1st generation signal generator, the UDB1108. With the Spooky2XM, you get a 20 volt output, and if you buy the Spooky Boost cable, 40V output. The signal generator is controlled by the Spooky2 software (on a PC) and you can program all kinds of frequency sets and even custom waveform, like the Lilly wave. Plus you can take advantage of all the Rife frequencies that are in the Spooky software.

      • Interesting! I’ve been reading up on Rife frequencies. Do you have experience of it being effective? I have a bacterial overgrowth in my gut and have really struggled to fix it from cleanses, diet, etc. I might give this a go. The Spooky2 looks great. Did you work out a way to hook up the coils to the RF outputs on the machine? Or are you using just as a Rife machine?


        • Leebee, I have had excellent results with Spooky2 and Rife. There is a Spooky2 forum on their website, where you can read about people’s experiences. I haven’t played yet with Spooky2 and PEMF. A person from the Spooky2 forum recommends hooking up a 50 ohm resistor in series to the coils, as the coils have a resistance of about 2 ohms.

  8. I did the sleep lilly for the first time last night. I slept horribly. Was it turned up too high? Had volume up 80÷. First time with PEMF. Sometimes I just sleep poorly, so it could be coincidence.

    • Hi erin,
      80% volume is probably OK with the Lilly wave. It could be that the Lilly wave is too weak. You might try the Delta Wave program in the Brain Waves series.

      Also, it can take using PEMF a while before it works for you. With the Earthpulse, it was recommended to use it for 90 days before returning the device.

  9. Prana Deva,

    For most of my life, dating all the way back to my youth, I have been plagued by serious sleep issues, from sleepless nights, insomnia and a reverse internal clock that kept me awake all night, but asleep during the day. My mind would race, I could not fall asleep. I could not slow down my thoughts. But even when I slept, I would find myself opening my eyes literally hundreds of times. My sleep was never satisfying. At best, I would get three or four hours a night. And I’ve tried everything. Sleep clinics, diet changes, pills, light therapy, 24-hour sleep deprivation — I even blacked out all my windows, creating a dark chamber so as not to disturb my eyes.

    Nothing worked. My sleep issues persisted, haunting me nightly.

    The problem was beginning to affect my life. I was deeply depressed, sometimes suicidal. I was tired all the time, with no energy to do anything. Sometimes I would just sit in bed all day because I did not have the will to even get up. My friendships and relationships were taking a toll. I couldn’t manage my life in the way I wanted, and I knew that if I could not grab hold of my sleep problem soon, it was going to consume me. I would cherish the times where I slept well, but they were growing few and far between. Over the last few months, it had gotten worse than ever before. I was gaining weight, growing more and more depressed; my energy, my mind and my body were out of flux. I felt as if I was dying.

    Thankfully, a wonderful synchronicity was right around the corner. My journey to finding this site is rather peculiar. I’m a fan of Lil’ Bub, a feline internet sensation. Her patience, tolerance, affection and mysterious draw often made me wonder if she was Buddha reincarnated. I don’t know what that cat is, but she has played a major role in my transformation.

    Bub was born with a rare bone disorder in which her bones grow too much. Because of this ailment, she could no longer walk and was given a 2-5-year timeline until she would die. I stumbled upon a video in which Bub’s owner discussed PEMF. Someone had told them about the benefits of electromagnetic therapy, so they tried it on Bub. A year later and Bub can walk, run and even climb. Her doctors consider it a miracle.

    Intrigued by the visual proof that PEMF works, I dedicated several hours to research. I read more than a dozen books on the subject and I perused the web, exhausting forums, discussions and articles on the topic from both believers and naysayers. My conclusion was that PEMF not only works, but it is the science of the future — a perfect marriage between man and earth, science and spirituality. But PEMF is very expensive, and wasn’t quite in my budget, so I looked into building my own. This is when I stumbled upon your site. I read every article three times over and eventually decided to order my coils.

    The coils arrived two weeks ago. I waited a while before writing this because I wanted to be sure, but I cannot hold any longer. For the past two weeks, I have slept a full 8 hours every single night. The first night was staggering. I laid down, turned on the 8-hour sleep track you provided and slept so soundly it was almost unreal. It felt as though, for the past decade or so, I had actually never slept.

    In less than a week of therapy, I am now sleeping at night instead of the daytime, and waking perfectly in the morning. I am rested. I am alert. I have energy. My eyes no longer open as I sleep. If I do wake to use the bathroom, I fall right back asleep in less than a minute or two. And I fall asleep within 20 minutes of playing the sleep track.

    For the first time in more than a decade, I feel like a human being. My depression is melting away (so are the pounds). My mind is sharper, my body feels rejuvenated. I’ve also been experimenting with frequencies for treatment of arthritis and other ailments, and I’ve found great success there as well. I plan on buying a Spooky2 in the future and experimenting with the benefits of that device. Something tells me I’ve just entered the rabbit hole, now I’m curious how far it goes.

    So I wanted to offer you my sincerest, deepest, most joyful thanks. You contributed a great deal to saving my life.

    One last thing … I’ve been playing around with brain frequencies and I was curious if you were going to create a gamma frequency set in the future for the Brain Wave series. There are a few gamma tracks on youtube that seem to work surprisingly well for increasing perception, mental alertness and energy, but I imagine because of compression, they’re not the cleanest tracks. I haven’t really toyed with your frequency creator too much, so I haven’t made one using that tool yet, but I would love to see a downloadable gamma track on here in the future.

    Again, thank you so much for all the amazing hard work you have put into this wonderful site. Keep up the life-changing work. You definitely live up to your screenname.

    • Thanks for the detailed feedback and your kind words. For some people like yourself, PEMF works right away. Spooky2 is an excellent and affordable Rife solution, and in the near future, they will have a PEMF solution too! I will be creating the Gamma wave set soon and will be putting it into the Brain Wave series.

  10. Hello!

    First I would like to thank you for your effort and second I have a question regarding DIY device: Isn’t the power output of portable audio player simply too low to produce the desired effect? I really don’t know much about this stuff so I decided to ask. I was looking into specifications of a popular device “SomaPulse” here: It says power output is 330mW, which is about 10x the power output of iPhone 5s for example. They also claim this:

    “While many devices claim to have square wave pulses, engineering restrictions do not actually allow a pure square wave to be produced. The waveform of the SomaPulse has been optimized to account for engineering restrictions and requirements and now appears more as a trapezoid shape.”

    Do you still think that this DIY device is worthwile? And if so, could I just plug SomaPulse replacement coils into my mobile phone?

    Thank you for your answer!!

    Br, p4nj

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  12. Thank you for sharing your files. I have both Spooky 1 and 2 and using an MP3 player makes it a lot easier as a PC is no longer needed to drive the Spooky (Unless there is a way to save a file into the Spooky like Atelier Robin F-series generator). I’ve just ordered the SomaPulse coils and look forward to testing them.

    A number of IR LED therapy pads (Lumen Photon, Avalon Therapy, Healthlight Therapy) also gives the option of different frequencies:

    Do you know if it’s possible to drive IR LED’s pad such as these:

    from an MP3 player the same way the coils are being driven?

    I would expect the LED pad to need a separate PSU, but can one input the frequency from the MP3 file?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Yan, This would require some custom hardware to make a high speed switch that could be driven by an MP3 player. This is a person on the Spooky2 forum who make such a high speed switch to run off of the Spooky2 hardware. This person is the owner of, and you might peruse his website to find his high speed switch.

  13. Prana, firstly thank you for taking the time to do this, i purchased the coils and am currently driving them from my ipod nano although i also have an iphone 4s. I have two chronic infections (known), hep c and a parasite called blastocystis homonis. Also i been looking into spooky2 but have been held back from purchasing as i see there are some problems with the generators and being from china refunds are difficult. My question is for the solfeggio frequencies where do you suggest to place hte coils on the body? and also would i get better signal p[ower from my iphone 4s? tia and thank you again, i will make a donation, happy new year

    • Hi Luigi. Thank you for your kind words. The diypemf is probably not strong enough (power wise) to kill chronic bacterial infections. Perhaps with a power amplifier and a stronger electromagnet, it could work. Spooky2 is a much better proven solution for that kind of issue. The Spooky2 hardware has a 1 year warranty, and the manufacturer has been good about taking care of Spooky2 customers. For the solfeggio frequencies, I suggest when lying down, try one coil at the back of the neck, and the other coil near the base of your spine. Or if you are in a chair, place one coil near the top of the backrest, and the other coil at the seat.

    • With the Alleva-Wave coils, there is not a good possibility of getting a full body treatment. These coils are good for local area relaxation, or brain entrainment, but getting a full body treatment is not possible. For that you would either need a bigger magnet placed a distance away from the body, like the Doug coil, or a mat that had coils inside it.

  14. Hello Prana Deva… I am new to this PEMF idea and am not the least bit skeptical… I am however disappointed… At this writing I have downloaded 4 MP3 files onto my computer… The 47″ electro magnets from SomaPulse have arrived… I plug them into my audio jack the computer recognizes that something is plugged in…. I start the earth tone loop and test the magnets with a kids toy that is filled with iron fillings… the iron fillings respond to a very week toy magnetic pen however they do not respond to the electro-magnets from SomaPulse… So I found an old portable cd-AM/FM player tuned in a strong clear radio station plugged in headphones to test the unit, it is producing strong clear music then plugged in the magnets and still no reaction on the iron fillings… Any help would be greatly appreciated… Sincerely Rod Smith…

    • Hi Rod. The magnetic field coming out of the SomaPulse coils is very weak when used with an MP3 player or computer. With the volume on full, at the surface of the coils, the strength is 300 milligauss. A weak signal is ideal for brain entrainment, like for getting better sleep or for relaxation. When put under a pillow, the strength coming from the coil is 0.5 milligauss to 1 milligauss. For long term exposure, some agencies say 10-20 milligauss is too high, and others say 3 milligauss is too high. The unhealthy magnetic fields at this low power are running at high frequencies, in the gigahertz range, whereas the frequencies I provide are a much lower frequency and won’t cause harm.

      If you look at a link in the above comments titled “Effects and molecular mechanisms of the biological action of weak and extremely weak magnetic fields.”, you can see the strengths used in this research. 10nT is 0.1 milligauss, and 100nT is 1 milligauss.

      A small round neodymium magnet, at 1/16 inch diameter and 1/32 inch length, with only 0.07 pounds of pull, can generate a magnetic field at the surface of 5000 gauss.

      The EarthPulse solution can generate a 60-300 gauss magnetic field. When I owned one, it was too strong for me, and I had to put it on the floor beneath my bed, which was 3 feet away.

      I will be making a post soon on how to test your coils. There are already some suggestions in Using your PEMF device, and in one of the above comments mentioning the Magnet Test Zipfile.

      I also recently ordered the FiiO #6 portable headphone amplifier, and I will be posting on how this changes the power of the coils. From reading the specs I think it might make the strength 4 times stronger.

    • That amplifier looks nice, and I like that it is using 2 9-volt batteries to power the amp. What is desirable is an amp that has good frequency response at low frequencies, i.e. at less than 20 Hz. I think with the new amplifiers that are now packaged in integrated circuits can usually do well at the lower frequencies. With some more powerful amplifiers, they will filter out low frequencies, thinking that it could be a hum or noise, but in our case with PEMF, we don’t want lower frequencies filtered out.

      The one thing I don’t know is how to match impedance between the amp and the coils to get optimal power, thus optimal magnetism coming from the coils. At some point I’ll find an analog engineer who can answer this question for me.

        • I don’t have a particular recommendation for an amplifier. Most audio amps will work between the ranges of 20-20,000 Hz. But I notice that many of the modern solid state cheap amplifiers don’t seem to do much filtering, so perhaps these amps will work at the lower frequencies too. For the applications I use PEMF, I don’t use any amplification.

          While I haven’t tried that splitter, it ought to work, though depending on the wiring, it could split the current in half to each coil. If I were to wire such a splitter, I would make one coil go to the left channel, the other coil go to the right channel, and there would be no power loss. But since I don’t have the cable, I can’t tell you what is going on.

          I like the Sansa Clip+, its both economical and has good frequency response.

    • If you are listening to this as an audio file on your MP3 player, those frequencies are too low to be audible, that is, they are under 20Hz. But if you play them through the SomaPulse/Alleva-wave coils, they will be felt by your body.

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