The Rife Frequencies

In the previous post you learned how to create your own frequency set. Looking up frequencies in a list on the internet and hand typing them into a tool can be quite cumbersome. For this reason, you can now search the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), the Brainwave Frequency List (BFL), the Hulda Clark Frequency List (HCL), and the Bruce Stenulson Frequency List (BSL) with an online tool and click on the results to automatically fill in the Create Rife Frequency Set tool.

The CAFL has many frequency sets for chronic and serious diseases. If you have a chronic and serious disease, I highly recommend you check out Spooky2, a richly featured Rife solution that is quite inexpensive (under $200, possible to get under $100 if you buy the older hardware and make your own remote transmission device). PEMF is great for relaxation, getting better sleep, altering your mental state, and stimulating cellular activity, but it is the beyond the scope of low-powered low-frequency PEMF to heal chronic diseases and conditions (there are high-powered high-frequency PEMF solution that do heal chronic conditions, but none of them are as inexpensive and easy to use as Spooky2).

When I first came up with the idea to make my own DIY PEMF device, I did not have any experience with Rife. In searching the internet for other DIY solutions, I came across Spooky2, and became so enthralled with Spooky2 that I set down working on this website and the research for this website for some time. And during this time I’ve used Spooky2 to heal aches and pains, as well has helping friends with their illnesses and chronic conditions.

The Brainwave Frequency List has a bunch of fun frequencies that may or may not work for you. There are frequencies to alter your mood, your emotions, your chakras, your mental and cognitive state.

The Hulda Clark Frequency List contains frequencies to kill parasites: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoeba, worms and flukes.

The Bruce Stenulson Frequency List has frequencies to normalize and stimulate various organs and functions in the body.

On the Search Frequency Database tool, there is only one field called Search and a Search Button. Here is a screenshot


If the Search text field contains multiple words, then for an entry to match, it must contain all the words in the Search field. So for example, if you search for true love, this will match an entry that contains true for love,or one that contains love is true, or true love. If you only want to match true love, put double quotes around the words, i.e. “true love”.

Once you find a result that might work for you, click on the Title link of the result, and you will be taken to the Create Rife Frequency Set tool. Fill in any of the optional fields in the tool and then click Create Set. If one or more of the frequencies are higher than 2400, you can click the Fix Frequencies button to correct any high frequency.

I discovered the CAFL, BFL, HCL, and BSL from the Electroherbalism website. The BFL originally came from the LunarSight website. In the description of the BFL entries are references, say like [TOS] or [DW], described in this bibliography.

4 thoughts on “The Rife Frequencies

  1. I had heard of Rife before, but had heard that PEMF was kind of the ultimate in healing. When I did a search comparing the two, people seemed to think that PEMF was king, as long as you use a full-body mat. What do you think of this? Is there a way to make a full body mat for PEMF? The $4000 one I wanted to buy (but will never be able to afford, haha) was a full body mat. Thanks so much!

    • I think there was a time where PEMF was way more accessible than Rife, especially since it not legal to sell a Rife machine in the US as a Rife machine, in fact, you have to buy parts separately and do some assembly. But with Spooky2, with its user interface on a PC, its quite fast to find a frequency set using it search functionality. I saw this DIY solution for getting PEMF on a heating pad / electric blanket.

  2. Hi Prana,

    Thanks for putting together all of this information, I really appreciate it. I’ve purchased some coils and a tester as I fractured my humerus a few months ago and was hoping I could use these to speed the healing. I’ve read quite a bit but have just become a bit confused, and was wondering if you had any suggestions of frequencies to use for this.

    Many thanks,


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