Using your PEMF device

Assembling your PEMF device is a matter of plugging the electromagnet coils into the headphone jack of your MP3 player. Download the MP3 files from this site, and put them into your MP3 player. When you play one of the MP3 files, make sure you have the repeat one song mode enabled. On some platforms, this may look as follows:


The repeat mode is usually a circle icon with an arrow, like the one pictured above. Sometimes when you click this icon, it highlights, and that means repeat the current album or playlist indefinitely. You then need to click it again, and often a “1” shows up on the icon, and this means repeat a single song continuously.

Now play the MP3 file. To test if the repeat one song mode is really working, replace the coils with a headphone or plug your player into a set of computer speakers. Choose one of the files from The Single Frequency Series, as these files are only one minute in duration. See if when you play one of these files, it plays for longer than one minute, and it continues to play the same file continuously, instead of playing the next file.

With the Alleva-Wave/SomaPulse coil, you want the smooth side of the coil to face your body. You can use an Ace bandage to adhere the coils to your body, say if you had some muscular pain from which you wanted relief. If you are sitting down on a couch, you can place the coils behind your sacrum. If you are lying down in bed, you can either place both coils under your pillow, or perhaps put one coil under your pillow, and the other under the small of your back.

When you use the device, if you feel the strength of the magnetic field is too strong, that is, instead of feeling relaxing and soothing, you feel agitated, you can lower the volume on your player to lower the intensity. You can also play with moving the coils further away from your body, say by putting them under a towel or pillow.

One useful tool to have in this age of electrosmog pollution is a Gauss meter or a Trifield meter to measure the strength of a magnetic field. If you have one of these meters, you can test the strength of the magnetic field. I like the field’s strength less than 1 milligauss, so I keep my coils under my pillow. If you are not so sensitive, you might want to put the coils directly against your skin. The strength of the magnetic field at the surface of the coil is about 100 milligauss. The strength of the magnetic field drops to 1 milligauss at 3 to 4 inches away from the coil.

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  2. would you mind elaborating on what I need to buy at radio shack? For example, if I bought this product:
    and placed 1 magnet in each end of the retro phone — would this work or do I need to attach the magnet some how?

    I have used the PEMF-1000 and would be interested in comparing, but I understand software more than hardware and would like a step by step to compare the two.

    • It would be much easier to buy the Alleva-Wave coils from eBay, as they have the correct plug already and they are ready to use. If you bought that handset, you would have to connect an electromagnet to the handset, which probably requires some soldering skills. Also, since I have not tested this configuration, you would have to debug this setup yourself, meaning you would have to by a gauss meter of some sorts to see if this was working. The Alleva-Wave/Somapulse coils are only $23 shipped.

      Assuming you do use the Alleva-Wave coils, the power in the diypemf is only 100 milligauss (1/10th of a gauss) at the surface of the coils. The PEMF-1000 is capable of generating 15,000 gauss, which is 150,000 times stronger than the diypemf solution. The diypemf solution is more oriented towards entrainment and perhaps some circulation improvement. The PEMF-1000 is able to kill bacteria deep in your body, and is better oriented for bone healing and inflammation healing.

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